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not listen to roberts on the healthcare case and roberts took it back and made it his own, we'll see if he keeps it the roberts court this term. >> eliot: editor of the new republic, thank you for your insights tonight. >> thank you. >> eliot: the mile high city of denver we'll preview the presidential debate, but as soon as we're off the air i'll participate in my own debate taking on glenn beck in the war of the words live from denver. you don't want to miss it. check out to find out where you can tune in. next, my take on the supreme court. that's ahead in my view. i don't after 18 years on death row for murder that he didn't commit. he joins us coming up. but right now let's check in with jennifer granholm in "the war room." what have you got for us tonight. >> jennifer: tonight we're going to do some myth busting or better put mitt busting romney claims the president will lie in the debates but we have done some fact checking. if there is anyone who has run fast and loose with the truth it's romney in the campaign. we'll get analysis and pre-
. who believe they're entitled to healthcare and food, to housing, to you name it. >> eliot: while mitt romney and his super pac allies have raised more money than the president and his allies, the margin is surprisingly small. according to the "washington post," the president has raised $779 million just $5 million less than the republicans. the democrats have spent more, $612 million. there is help on the way for the campaign. democratic super pacs have started to bring in large donations. politico is also reporting today that financier joe is giving a million dollars to priorities u.s.a. action, a super pac supporting the obama campaign. federal lecture laws give the white house an advantage in the spending wars. "the washington post" reports while the president's campaign controls most of his funds, much of romney's cash is actually being held by a g.o.p. committees and other interest groups because candidates enjoyed discounted rates for tv ads the post says, the white house was paying just $125 to run one ad in
. >> good morning. national healthcare reform is going to come up in wednesday night's debate and it's going to be interesting to see how mitt romney tries to distance himself from the massachusetts plan that served as an outline for the affordable care act. cnn reports that the romney campaign has sent out a mailer to voters in virginia. healthcare reform as a tax hike and a job killer. it promises that romney will take immediate steps to repeal and replace healthcare reform on day one. the two lesser known healthcare reform provision of the affordable care act kick in today and that means good news for patients and consumers. we're using head care's -- we're using medicare's coverage to help provide more efficient care and higher quality care by withholding 1% of medicare payments to about 3,000 hospitals. medicare authorities can then redistribute and that $850 million to reward hospitals that perform the best. the second part of approving equality of care comes from encouraging hospitals to lower the rate of readmission
, that is why he fought so hard for healthcare for all. because of his personal experience with his sister rosemary with me as a cancer survivor with all of the issues that we faced in our family. you know, led him to form his political philosophy about families and to him, it was personal. just like it is for president obama. you know, when president obama talks about having -- you know, student loans hanging over -- you know, every american family's head, he knows what they're talking about. >> bill: sure, he's been there. >> he's been there. and when he talks and he and michelle talked about her father and his m. s. and wondering how their family was going to pay for the medication and treatments and worried about what might happen if michelle's father ever lost his job these are the normal concerns of every single american. and bill, i'm calling you i think you probably know this, i'm out in columbus, ohio today. >> bill: yes. >> the president asked me to represent him in the obama/biden campaign at an historic fo mitt romney, we don't have to worry about universal healthcare. we don't have to worry about obama care because mitt romney says we already take care of people who are uninsured right? if you don't have health insurance and you have a medical problem, easy answer. >> go to the e.r. apparently that's his latest answer. >> bill: didn't to the emergency room. who pays for it? right? >> this was what was kind of shocking about this answer, he's addressed this in the past and this was part of the whole rationale that he had for romney care which was look, people are going to the e.r. it's very expensive. you're having people who are free loading off of the system because they're not paying into it and they're getting emergency care. let's get everyone insured and have personal responsibility in that respect. >> bill: that was then. this is now on "60 minutes" sunday night. he told scott pelley well, we do provide care for people who don't have insurance. like if somebody has a heart attack. they
that she wants to mandates healthcare coverage but she's not garnishing people's wages to make sure that they have it. she is -- >> go ahead. >> she is not enforcing this mandate. >> jennifer: he is a great president. he is a great orator but he's just not a great debater. mitt romney, by contrast, he's just in practice. remember he won 16 out of 20 debates in the primaries. granted, his opponents were all occupants of the clown car but still. his debating experience is fresh. he's in shape. he's effective at making strategic points plus romney has more to lose and he knows that he has to change the race dynamics and believe me, make no mistake, he is practicing 20 ways to do that. while the president is on his way to debate camp in nevada starting sunday, he's already canceled some of his debate prep because of events in the middle east. that cancellation should worry you! very important why the president is going to lose the first debate on tuesday is because the media cannot stand a lopsided race. the media
. romney claimed obama raised healthcare costs by $2400 per person. that also, four pinocchios. rerepeatedly claims obama went on an apology tour after taking office. he did not. four pinocchios. romney claimed that 100,000 auto industry jobs have been lost under obama. don't even get me started on that one. i'll just say what the post said. four pinocchios, false. by the way, there's a lot more. the man cannot help himself. now, i would call him a serial liar but that would probably give serial liars a bad name. let's look beyond the hypocrisy and think about team romney's calling the president a liar in advance of the debates. what is that strategy all about? mostly it is about working the refs the media so the media is primed to listen for any falsehoods from the president during the debate. now, as you know, debates are all about managing expectations. remember that george w. bush did "better than expected" in his debates because he managed to form complete sentences so if romney can make the media expect ob
marijuana, you name it, he has betrayed the american people on healthcare, and there needs to be a very different voice in this race talking to american people. cenk, the thing that i think people lose sight of is that the third-party candidates actually represent the mainstream of american people. poll after poll show it and there has been the pull out of the democratic and republican parties. >> cenk: rocky anderson and presidential candidate this year. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. thank you cenk. >> cenk: we're going to have fun. we'll have conversation whether mitt romney is too cheap and god knows i know cheap. that will be an interesting conversation, and is he crazy? we'll have that when we come back. >> he's so full of energy. i don't know about you but we're similar in that we're a little bit lazy. >> my biggest concern obviously would be his mental well-being. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talki
with no healthcare for those over 65. that's the alternative. the monetary collapse--excuse me quickly. a monetary collapse when the dollars we have in our pocket don't buy a thing because of the inflation that is going to go along with borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43 of every dollar. >> cenk: ron paul seems to be saying the same thing do you but you haven't been able to capture them-- >> that's not the case. your ron paul supporter, i'm saying the same things as ron paul. i ran for the republican nomination. i thought it would be really hard to marginalize two people on stage saying the same thing ron paul and myself. i didn't find myself marginalized. i found myself down-right excluded while ron paul was marginalized. >> cenk: thank you so much for joining us. >> cenk, thank you much. >> cenk: all right running for president for the libertarian party. when we come back, the elbow of the day. >> cenk: michele bachmann is one of the darlings of the right wing. she ran for president. she was leading for awhile. so obviously she's got her own race locked up, right? wrong.
assassination to his massachusetts healthcare reform and even though he is down about 9 points in the polls he still thinks he can take ohio. >> i need to win ohio. i'm planning on winning ohio. we're excited about our prospects here because i think the people of ohio know that the path we're on is just not the right course for creating the jobs and the rising incomes people deserve. >> romney think the debate next week could be a turning point in the race but that depends on who you talk to. politico is calling the denver do or die for romney but radio talk show host patrick dorenson says unless someone says something really stupid, it is political fodder. we'll leave it up to you on whether anyone might say something really stupid. "the washington post" quoting an a. p. reporter saying they had to impose a fact-checking limit on michele bachmann because she was wrong so often. back with more bill press after the break. stay with us. decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analy
with you, i think my healthcare plan was awesome. if they went against them on one thing, i think they would respect him. it is mike mccain in between -- it is like mccain in 2010. >> caller: i think his mom is rolling in her grave as well as his dad. >> john: i think that's very possible. i don't want to talk about his parents in that way too much but his mother was someone who was passionately in favor of a woman's right to choose. there used to be republicans who believed that. i think there's a lot of conservatives certainly in the financial sector who support abortion rights for that reason. his dad released plenty of tax returns. mitt hasn't. the contrasts are kind of sad. let's go to john in -- are we out of time? we're out of time already. we'll go to a break. john in kansas city hang on the phone. i'll get to you as soon as we come back. we're taking your calls at 1-866-55-press on the "bill press show." (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential deb
that to me. speaking of healthcare. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] e.r. doctors you suck. mitt romney's comments on "60 minutes" saying emergency rooms provide care to people who don't have insurance. a group representing emergency room doctors. >> you don't just die in your apartment. you go to the emergency room and send an ambulance for you and then you lose everything you have and your bank account gets emptied out. >> stephanie: head of the american college of physicians said emergency care is not health insurance. you would think he might know. >> considering he actually said that four years ago! he said specifically that's not -- >> stephanie: he understands the whole point. that's why the system is broken because some people use the emergency room for primary care or their only care and then we all pay for it. exactly. let's go to jerry in nashville. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi jer. >> caller: hello stephanie. i disagree with you but i respect your whole crew. you've been very well-informed.
healthcare reform bill. but i think that governor romney is finally making the pivot to making this a choice election. we know that the obama campaign has wanted to do that all along. i never did agree with the obama campaign or the romney campaign in trying to make this just a referendum on obama. that was never going to work. they're making the pivot now. i think governor romney has the opportunity in denver tomorrow night and in subsequent debates to bring this back that he's the guy who can fix the economy. if he does, he wins the election still. >> eliot: maybe. dave, jump in. >> the challenge whether it is on the economy dealing with immigration, whether it's dealing with healthcare, mitt romney has had several different positions so even if he takes a very clear position tomorrow night, that's going to be a different position from the one he took three months ago or three years ago. >> eliot: i also want to challenge the premise of your position. not that we're trying to jump on you from both sides. the public
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)